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With a collective experience of 20 years, we’ve successfully completed over 50 projects since 2017, many of which have turned into market-ready products. This success is thanks to our proven development process, dedicated team of engineers, and our clients’ commitment to success.

ADOS-TECH was founded in 2017 by former colleagues. Led by CEO Robertas G., our goal is to bring together talented physicists, engineers, and technicians to create cutting-edge devices and  OEM solutions for various industries like medical, consumer products, defense, and research.

We offer services such as environmental testing, optical measurement, and setups for new product development. Our team is ready to tackle challenging tasks that others may shy away from, including environmental systems, radiation-resistant assemblies, and low SWaP solutions.

Companies partner with us to speed up their time to market, leveraging our expertise in design and manufacturing.

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