SCO series is a handheld and weapon mounted classis old school thermal weapon sight for hunting. It is intended for use on a variety of hunting and sporting weapons equipped with a Picatinny/Weaver rail. The high performance thermal imaging system provides round the clock, all weather detection and discrimination of heat generating objects (such as animals), including those that are hidden. It is done by utilizing leading edge 12 μm technology in a 640 x 512 uncooled microbolometer. The high resolution display, combined with state of the art image processing and electronics provide exceptionally crisp thermal imagery maintaining long usage on a single battery load. Long rugged telescope base has proven 8000 J weapon recoil force and ensures aiming repeatability. There are two reasonable options of
lower resolutions models SCO 335 and SCO 355. But impressive picture quality can’t be distinguished by unexperienced eye and only actual comparison with SCO 635 and SCO 655 allows to see difference.

Models are combined with 35 mm and 55 mm lenses for hunting in ranges from 100 m to 800 m.

Sensor typeVOx, 12μm
Frame rate50 Hz
Thermal sensitivity, NETD< 35 mK (0.035°)
CalibrationElectronic + Mechanical

Six color patterns

LensF1.0/35 mmF1.0/55 mm|F1.0/35 mmF1.0/55 mm
Eyepiece±4 diopter
Eye relief50 mm
Optical magnification
Digital magnificationX2, X3, X4
Detection range
(1.7m x 0.5m)
1500 m2050 m|1500 m2500 m

Key Advantages

Maximal recoil
8000 J force
Weather proof
VOx, 12μm
< 35 mK (0.035°)
OLED display
Battery type
1×18650 or 1×21700
Body construction
Display resolution (pixels)
OLED 1024×768
Color patterns6
Memory8 Gb
Video recordYes
Battery life (20°C)8h
External power supplyDC 4.8-15V
Weight0.9 kg0.98 kg|0.9 kg0.98 kg
Dimensions, mm410×64×52440×64×52|410×64×52440×64×52
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